Birthday Trip to NY !!

By July 21, 2016 One Comment
JULY 8TH-10TH was the day I had a trip planned to spend my 31st birthday. That weekend followed a great event that my right hand man cj macon & myself put together on July 2nd, which was a TDB 3 ON 3 BASKETBALL Tournament. That event made the 4th of July weekend a Great Holiday experience. The next week I drove from South Bend to Chicago & took a flight to New York for a very anticipated get away to relieve some stress, get a new inspiration, see new things and good vibes. When I finally arrived in New York after a very long travel due to a cancelled flight out of WDC & weather delays I got picked up at the airport by good friend that i look at as a brother, Mike Young. It started raining so I didn’t get to see much due to arriving so late. We pulled up on My Guy Jojo who lived in SBI but moved back to New York for a while then called it a night. The Next morning I got a early start, Mike took Me around the areas where he spent most of his free time ( Brooklyn & Harlem) Afterwards he dropped me off to link up with my partner Jojo in Bronx. From there he & I headed out towards the areas he would spend some of his spare time at such as Queens, & different places to eat. After linking up with both of my partners on a mini tour of the many different areas I was very overwhelmed due to the raw culture I never got to experience the first time I visited for 4 years ago. They showed me the Real roots and flavor that New York had to offer. I got to see the heart of the city. Once Jojo & I finished up moving around, we linked back up with Mike to head out to the Day Party at La Marina NYC.   I had a great time in New York & would love to go back again for a longer trip to see and experience more that the big apple has to offer. Signing out MrTDB #TheCityThatNeverSleeps

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