Special thanks to one of our sponsors “Finnies Next Door”

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13836028_1238173579556848_1482504067_ocache_9644192cache_9644319 12932809_525906144261113_3814289343368861701_n 12105716_472180256300369_5585262399952696993_n 9863_508983112620083_5694203428131386560_n 13226677_543004975884563_2541407028048897035_n Finnnies- “We want to thank all of our customers for supporting Finnies Next Door. We are very grateful and blessed for your patronage. As you are all aware, we are attempting to “raise the bar”. We are holding ourselves to a very high standard and are constantly looking for ways to improve. This is not a “get rich quick and get out” business plan, this is truly a dream in the making. As with any new business, there are many learning curves. Ownership and management are all committed to making Finnies Next Door a success.”