“Dirty Dollas” – Truedirtbag Rewards Program! Get your Rank up! Spend your Dirty Dollas at our Shop!

By January 9, 2017 3 Comments

Truedirtbag would like to introduce its newest feature to the website “Dirty Dollas”. Dirty Dollas is a Points Reward System for our Users. Our Users will now be awarded points in which we call “Dirty Dollas” for user activity. It’s pretty simple how it works. You can receive Dirty Dollas by simply creating an account, friendship requests, uploading profile pictures, posting a status, comments and more. Each user will show how many Dirty Dollas they have accumulated on their profile page. Also, its levels to this. Become a Hustler, Baller, Plug or even a Boss depending on how many Dirty Dollas you have. Users ranks are also shown on their profile page. But wait, what can the Dirty Dollas be used for? Our TDB Shop is soon to open summer of 2017, in which these Dirty Dollas can be used for actual purchases on our products. Also, Win prizes for ranks! Sign Up today! Get your Rank up! Become a Boss! Use your Dirty Dollas! IF you have any questions or concerns please hit us up at contacttruedirtbag@gmail.com.

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